Free services avalable to the Least of These


This foundation embraces the homeless of Jacksonville with an attitude of mutual respect and Christian love. With the help of other facilities we are able to get most off the street, BUT only if they want it. Until then we love them and Pray

At Risk Youth

Helping At Risk Youth and Turning them into Productive Young members of the society


We Help Homeless Veterans get into Funded Housing and Guide them toward receiving the benefits they deserve for laying it ALL on the line for US. Most Veterans have PTSD and turn to other things to cope. With the help from other resources they can start healing

Drug Addiction

We Help many Addicts get into Drug and Alcohol detox and rehab facilities for FREE.. ONLY IF THEY ARE READY !!!!  

Ex Convicts

We have a special place in our hearts for ex convicts. The foundation extends a hand of support to them in an effort to provide a loving Christian environment  where they can feel better than how society treats them. We love them until they learn to love themselves again

Health care

Helping those that need Help

We have professional certified legit doctors, psychiatrists , dentists and optometrist that visit the community center once a month for FREE. We thank GOD for these people